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The Galápagos Islands and their unique nature became world famous as the “laboratory of evolution” where English scientist and explorer Charles Darwin found his inspiration to create the theory of evolution.
Make time to discover the wonders of the animal and plant worlds evolving on the Galápagos archipelago; follow Darwin’s footsteps and explore one of the last nature paradises in the world and its fascinating flora and fauna.

We kindly invite you to peruse the Galápagos cruises and travel opportunities on our homepage. The information on the page is in English as most tours in Galápagos are guided in English and Spanish. Nevertheless, in Galápagos sometimes special departures are guided in German and many other languages; please enquire with us – at Galápagos-Cruises we speak English, Spanish and German.

To ensure your expectations of Galápagos are fulfilled, Galápagos-Cruises is a specialist in customized travel services to meet your every want and desire; whether you want to explore the Galápagos Islands onboard a elegant Catamarán or prefer an comfortable cruise ship, we will help you fulfil your dreams, leave everyday life behind, and provide you with exceptional service for your personalised adventure at the equator.

Welcome to the Galápagos Islands !

Frank Alte and the Galápagos-Cruises Team