Española Island

Española Island is located at the southeastern end of the archipelago and is considered, along with Santa Fe, one of the oldest islands, about four million years old.

Daphne Major Island

While the smaller trail is not open to visitors, you can explore the larger trail that climbs up a steep path to the 120 m high peak.

Chinese Hat Island

It is a small island located southeast of the island of Santiago, whose surface is less than a quarter of a kilometer. It is a volcanic cone of recent formation, hence its descriptive name: it is shaped like a Chinese hat from front to back. The shape of the hat is best seen from the north side.

Bartolome Island

isla bartolomé galápagos

La Isla Bartolomé es un islote volcánico frente a la costa este de la Isla Santiago. Es una de las islas más jóvenes del archipiélago de Galápagos.



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