Tip Top II Cruise

Crucero Tip Top II en Galápagos por la Isla Genovesa, Plaza Sur, Santa Fe, Santa Cruz y más.

4, 5 and 8 days

TipTop II Cruise Prices - Galapagos

Main deck / Cabins 1 y 2 DBL
US$ 3024.00


Main deck / Cabins 1 y 2 SGL
US$ 4536.00


Main deck / Cabin 3 -6 DBL
US$ 3418.00


Main deck / Cabin 3 -6 SGL
US$ 4935.00


Upper deck / Cabins 7, 8 ,9,10 DBL
US$ 3801.00


Upper deck / Cabins 7, 8 ,9,10 SGL
US$ 5549.00


US$ 50978.00


Los siguientes precios están válidos para 2024. Si desea hacer una reservación para un grupo, para diferentes servicios y / o en fechas específicas; muchas veces podemos hacerle una oferta especial – por favor contáctenos y con mucho gusto le ayudaremos!

Flights to/from Galapagos to Quito or Guayaquil (depending on availability at the time of booking approx. (USD490-USD560)

Servicios incluídos del Crucero Tip Top II

TipTop II Cruise images - Galapagos

Frequently asked questions about the TipTop II Cruise - Galapagos

The gastronomy on the TipTop II Cruise stands out as one of the most outstanding in all of South America. Most of our chefs on board have a solid international background and have accumulated experience in the most prestigious hotels and restaurants, both in Ecuador and in various parts of the world.

If you have any requirements such as vegetarian or vegan dishes, our team on board the cruise will be happy to assist you with a menu suitable for you. 

  •  Access fee to the Galapagos National Park (See our guide to the Galapagos National Park). requirements to enter the Galapagos)
  •  Travel health insurance
  •  Tips for your guide and the crew
  •  Some beverages may be subject to charges (ask your travel advisor).

We, at Responsible Travel care about respecting the environment and the primitive and enchanting ecosystems of the Galapagos Islands. That is why all the cruises we work with are approved and meet the standards of better care of the environment issued by the Ecuadorian Government.

In addition to government regulations, Responsible Travel voluntarily offsets the CO2 emissions that each of our cruises cause at no cost to you. 

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