Daphne Major Island

Daphne Major has an area of 0.32 square kilometers and is the larger of the two Daphne Islands (Daphne Minor-0.07 square kilometers) and extends about 10 km west of Seymour. While the smaller trail is not open to visitors, you can explore the larger trail that climbs up a steep path to the 120 m high peak. At the top of cone two, small craters are the nesting sites of hundreds of blue-footed boobies. Nazca boobies nest on the edges of the craters and, with a little luck, red-billed tropicbirds can also be seen nesting in the crevices of the islands' rocky cliffs.

Landing on the rocky cliffs of the islands is quite difficult due to the fragile eroded slopes. The National Park authorities have restricted visits to the island.

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