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If you are wondering what to do on Darwin Island, we tell you that like Wolf, they are islands that are inhabited only by seabirds, and apart from expert divers, they are rarely visited by other tourists.

Diving experts cannot miss visiting this island in the north, the only way to get there is essentially through liveaboards, which will require you to have an open water diving license with a minimum of 50 dives. This is a spectacular place to observe marine life, but due to the great distance between Puerto Ayora and Darwin and Wolf, these islands are quite exclusive. 

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Arco de Darwin – Isla Darwin / Galápagos

How many days is it advisable to stay on Darwin Island?

The way to visit Darwin Island is through diving cruises, since it is the only activity allowed on the island like Wolf, diving cruises have a variety of itineraries but the minimum of days There are 8 that you can book, this with the intention of exploring the different islands of the Galapagos archipelago, following an itinerary focused on diving with which you will take advantage and not miss any details of your adventure through the Enchanted Islands.

If your main objective is to dive on your tour of the Galapagos, a stop on this island is more than necessary, we recommend some of the cruises that will allow you to get to know it.


Type Motor Yacht
Length 100 ft. (30.48 m)
Capacity 16 passengers
Crew 9 crewmembers + 2 Bilingual naturalist guide
speed 12 knots
Departures Sunday
Activities Buceo y caminatas


Type Yacht a motor
Construído 1991
Renewed 2019
Length 115 ft ( 35 m )
With 24 ft ( 7.6 m )
Capacity 16 passengers
Crew 10 crewmembers + naturalist guide
speed 12 knots
Departures Lunes , jueves


Type Yacht a motor
Renewed 2019
Length 85 ft .(26 m)
With 18 ft. ( 5.5 m )
Capacity 16 passengers
Crew 8 Crew members + 1 Naturalist guide + Diving guide
speed 9 knots
Departures Tuesdays and Fridays
Activities Snorkeling, natación, senderismo, kayaking

What can be found on Darwin Island?

The main attractions of the island are located on its coast of the Pacific Ocean, it has a spectacular diversity of marine life (which is why it is highly sought after for diving specifically). Darwin Island is the remains of an extinct volcano that reaches 165 meters above sea level. The volcano that forms the island became extinct, with a last eruption that is believed to have occurred approximately 400 thousand years ago. 

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Activities you must do on Darwin Island

Darwin's Arch

The well-known Darwin Arch is an iconic formation on a geological and tourist level. It collapsed in 2021 after a process of natural erosion. However, it continues to be visited by tourists and is a common site for tourists. practice diving activities.

Dr. Pelayo Salinas de León con el sistema de cámaras submarinas DOVS en el Arco de Darwin. Fuente: Charles Darwin Foundation

Photography and Nature Observation

Here you will have the best opportunity to see whale sharks, whales, hammerheads, Galapagos sharks and more. Darwin Island is the ideal destination for observing marine life.

Bird watching

The Galapagos Islands are famous for their abundant bird life, and Darwin Island is no exception, visitors can spot various species of birds including blue-footed boobies, red-footed boobies, Galapagos albatrosses and petrels.


Darwin Island is a MUST if we talk about diving itineraries, without a doubt one of the most famous islands for diving worldwide along with Wolf, its rich marine life makes it the favorite place for For diving lovers, it is worth highlighting the species that you can find here such as hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, among others.

Galapagos Diving – Darwin & Wolf

Research and Education

Due to the uniqueness and ecosystem fragility of the Galapagos, many expeditions and visits to Darwin Island focus on the scientific investigation and environmental education. Tour operators and guides often provide information about the importance of conservation and preservation of this unique area.


Can you dive on Darwin Island?

Overall, Darwin Island is famous for its rich marine life, which makes it a unique destination for diving, apart from being the only activity allowed along with the Panga Ride.

What animals can be seen on Darwin Island?

Darwin Island's biggest attraction is its diversity of marine life such as hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, manta rays, tropical fish and sea lions.

What is the best time of year to visit Darwin Island?

It will depend on your specific interests, the dry season coincides with the presence of some iconic species in the Islands such as hammerhead sharks and whale sharks that tend to be more frequent between June and November.

Is snorkeling recommended on Darwin Island?

Snorkeling is not a permitted activity on this island in the Galapagos National Park; tourists visit it exclusively to dive.

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