Comfort Cruises

Mid-range ships, from Superior Economy to First Class, tend to be larger, more spacious, and more elegant than adventure cruises.

Experience a Comfort Cruise on the Galapagos Islands

Yachts receiving a "Comfort Cruise" designation have air conditioning, comfortable double cabins with private facilities, hot water and moderately spacious social areas, which generally include a sun deck.

 These boats have a professional crew that includes: a chef, who prepares excellent food, and naturalist guides, who are very knowledgeable about the islands, and whose English is very good.


Some islands are so far from the central islands of Santa Cruz and San Cristobal that a cruise is the only way to visit them. 

To ensure that you enjoy the long cruising, we recommend that you visit these islands with one of the fastest, most comfortable, and stable boats, which will allow you to visit a wider variety of islands and thus see a much greater diversity of wildlife and scenery. 

During the cruise you will enjoy friendly service and delicious meals, learn about the unique nature of the islands from your guide and sleep in a relaxing cabin.

Frequently asked questions before choosing an a comfort cruise

What are the differences between a Comfort cruise and the other options?

Galapagos Comfort Cruises are designed to provide you with an exceptional travel experience, combining adventure and comfort with the natural wonder of the islands. They offer high quality services and an unforgettable experience.

What kind of amenities can I expect on a Galapagos Comfort Cruise?

Comfort Cruises usually offer comfortable beds and well-appointed cabins, first-class dining services, social areas and amenities that will provide you with an exceptional travel experience.

What are the options for Galapagos Cruises within the Comfort category?

Within the Comfort Cruises category, you will find a variety of options, from yachts that can accommodate up to 16 people to larger capacity vessels of up to 100 passengers. Each offers a splendid level of comfort and service.

What activities are usually included in the Galapagos Comfort Cruises?

Comfort Cruises offers a wide range of activities, ranging from shore explorations, kayaking, and boat rides with expert naturalist guides to snorkeling sessions in crystal clear waters and unique wildlife viewing experiences.

What are the price differences between an Comfort cruise and the other options?

Comfort Cruises tend to have a slightly higher cost due to the additional amenities and services they offer. However, the comfort experience justifies the investment.

What is not included in the Galapagos Comfort Cruises?

Generally, Comfort Cruises do not include flights to Galapagos, national park entrance fees, personal expenses, equipment and gratuities. We recommend that you review the details of each itinerary to find out what services are included.

How can I choose the Galapagos Comfort Cruise that best suits my preferences and budget?

Our travel experts are available to advise you and help you select the Comfort Cruise that meets your specific needs and expectations.

Remember that by choosing a Galapagos Comfort Cruise, you are opting for an extraordinary travel experience that combines luxury with the amazing nature of the islands. We hope this information will help you plan your dream trip!



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