como llegar a galapagos actividades en galápagos turismo actividades en las islas galápagos

how to get to the Galapagos: a complete guide

We tell you everything you should know before planning your trip to this beautiful paradise, find out how to get to Galapagos; The Galapagos Islands have specific regulations to protect the ecosystem, in case you want to enter the Enchanted Islands, you must take into account that it is not similar to any other destination, in the first instance you must inform yourself about the restrictions, permitted activities and environmental regulations, this includes following the instructions of local guides, not introducing invasive species, and comply with the rules for the protection of fauna and flora.

If you don't know how to start your adventure to this exotic point of the planet, this article will help you solve your doubts regarding everything you need to know before starting your trip to Galapagos.

como llegar a galapagos actividades en galápagos turismo actividades en las islas galápagos
Giant tortoises, characteristic of the Galapagos Islands / RT file photo

Flight to the Galapagos Islands

To get to the Galapagos Islands, you can book flights from the Ecuadorian mainland (Quito or Guayaquil) to the two main airports on the islands: Seymour Airport (GPS) on Baltra Island and San Cristobal Airport (SCY) on San Cristobal Island.

Flight prices may vary depending on the season. High season is usually from December to January and from June to August, while low season is from April to May and from September to November.

Verify your documents

Make sure you have your identification document at hand (cedula for nationals; passport for foreigners).

Transit control card

At the airport, acquire your TCT Traffic Control Card at the counter of the Council of Government of the Special Regime of Galapagos CGREG (tourists and transients) which has a cost of $20 for nationals or foreigners, for children under 2 years of age there is no cost.

Baggage inspection

Inspect your baggage at the baggage checkpoint of the Biosafety Agency (ABG), Its mission is to control, regulate, prevent and reduce the risk of the introduction, movement and dispersal of exotic organisms by any means that endanger the biodiversity of the islands, the local economy and human health.   

Check your tickets

Check your tickets at the airline, you must have your personal and non-transferable round-trip airline ticket between the mainland and the Galapagos province.

Park entrance fee

Upon arrival in the province of Galapagos, at the airport, you must present documents at the counter, your identification document and your TCT transit control card.

You must pay at the counter of the Galapagos National Park the park entrance fee, foreign tourists not residing in Ecuador over 12 years of age must pay a fee of $100, national or foreign tourists residing in Ecuador over 12 years of age must pay a fee of $6.

como llegar a galapagos actividades en galápagos turismo actividades en las islas galápagos
Iguana of the Galapagos Islands / RT file photo

Tours and Activities

Snorkeling and Diving:

Explore the crystal clear waters and discover the amazing marine life of Galapagos. You can snorkel at various spots, and diving enthusiasts can dive at spectacular sites.

Excursions to the Islands:

Organize excursions to different islands to observe the varied fauna, including marine iguanas, giant tortoises, sea lions and unique birds. Each island has its own beauty and distinctive features.


Explore nature trails on the islands to discover terrestrial flora and fauna. Some islands offer short hikes and others more extensive hikes to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views.


The Galapagos are a paradise for bird lovers. You can observe unique birds, such as the Galapagos albatross, blue-footed boobies and flightless cormorants.

Visit to the Craters and Volcanic Formations:

Explore unique geological formations, such as craters and lava fields. The islands offer impressive volcanic landscapes that showcase the unique geological activity of the region.

como llegar a galapagos actividades en galápagos turismo actividades en las islas galápagos
Tourists in Galapagos / RT file photo

Useful Tips

Advance Reservations:

Book flights, accommodation and activities well in advance, especially during high season.

Baggage Regulations:

Check airline baggage restrictions due to conservation regulations on the islands.

Travel Insurance:

Consider obtaining travel insurance to cover cancellations and medical emergencies.

Environmental Respect:

Respect the natural environment and follow sustainable practices during your visit.


What is the best way to get to the Galapagos Islands from abroad?

The most common way is to fly to Ecuador (Quito or Guayaquil) and then take an internal flight to the Galapagos Islands.

From which airports in Ecuador can I fly to Galapagos?

The main airports of entry to Ecuador are Mariscal Sucre International Airport (UIO) in Quito and José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport (GYE) in Guayaquil.

What are the main airports in the Galapagos Islands?

The two main airports are Seymour Airport (GPS) on Baltra and San Cristobal Airport (SCY) on San Cristobal.

Do I need to obtain a Transit Control Card to enter the Galapagos Islands?

Yes, it is mandatory to obtain a Transit Control Card upon arrival in the Galapagos Islands.

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