requisitos y permisos para viajar a galapagos

Requisitos para viajar a Galápagos en 2024

If you wish to enter the Enchanted Islands, you must take into account that it is not similar to any other destination. First of all, you must inform yourself about the restrictions, permitted activities and environmental regulations, this includes following the instructions of the local guides, not introducing invasive species, and complying with the rules for the protection of the environment. fauna and flora.

If you have no idea where to start your adventure to this exotic point of the planet, this article will help you solve your doubts regarding everything you need to know before starting your adventure. viaje a Galápagos.

 requisitos y permisos para viajar a galapagos
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Is it safe to go to the Galapagos Islands?

Normally Galapagos is a very safe place, it is even considered a safer haven than the mainland so it is the perfect place for tourists, but getting to know the islands on board a cruise is just a little plus when it comes to your trip. 

In general, cruises are a convenient and safe way to explore the Galapagos Islands, because tour operators usually comply with the following requirements strict regulations to protect visitors. Cruises are one of the most popular ways to explore the archipelago and provide visitors with a unique experience. We recommend that you ask about safety policies on board.

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Verify your documents

Make sure you have your identification document at hand (ID card for nationals; passport for foreigners). To enter the Galapagos Islands, both nationals and foreigners must meet certain requirements and present valid documentation. The following are the common documents required:

For Ecuadorian nationals:

  1. Identity Card or Passport: Ecuadorian citizens may enter the Galapagos Islands by presenting their identity card or passport.
  2. Lodging reservation and/or letter of invitation: An accommodation reservation in Galapagos may be required as part of the entry requirements. It may also be useful to have a letter of invitation if you are staying in someone's home.

For foreigners:

  1. Valid passport: Foreigners must present a valid passport when entering Galapagos.
  2. Tourist Visa: Most foreigners do not need a tourist visa to enter Ecuador, but it is important to verify if your nationality requires a visa and, if so, obtain it in advance.
  3. Migratory Control Card: Upon arrival in Galapagos, foreign visitors must complete a Migration Control Card, which is usually provided during the flight or upon arrival at the airport.
  4. Return air ticket: You may be required to present a return air ticket to your country of origin or departure from the Galapagos Islands as part of the entry requirements.
  5. Lodging reservation: Similar to nationals, some places may require an accommodation reservation as part of the documents required for entry.

Transit control card

At the airport, acquire your TCT Traffic Control Card at the counter of the Council of Government of the Special Regime of Galapagos CGREG (tourists and transients) which has a cost of $20 for nationals or foreigners, for children under 2 years of age there is no cost.

Baggage inspection

Inspect your baggage at the baggage checkpoint of the Biosafety Agency (ABG), Its mission is to control, regulate, prevent and reduce the risk of the introduction, movement and dispersal of exotic organisms by any means that endanger the biodiversity of the islands, the local economy and human health.   

Check your tickets

Check your tickets at the airline, you must have your airline ticket, personal and non-transferable, of round trip between the mainland and the Galapagos province.

The Galapagos Islands have two main airports. The Seymour Airport (GPS) in Baltra Island is one of the most common entry points for visitors, receiving flights from the Ecuadorian mainland, especially from Quito and Guayaquil. This airport provides access to several islands of the archipelago.

On the other side, the San Cristobal Airport (SCY) in San Cristobal Island also plays an important role as an arrival point, receiving internal flights and connections from the mainland. Both airports are vital for connectivity in Galapagos, allowing travelers to explore the fascinating islands with their unique diversity of flora and fauna.

Park entrance fee

Upon arrival in the province of Galapagos, at the airport, you must present documents at the counter, your identification document and your TCT transit control card.

You must pay at the counter of the Galapagos National Park the park entrance fee, foreign tourists not residing in Ecuador over 12 years of age must pay a fee of $100, national or foreign tourists residing in Ecuador over 12 years of age must pay a fee of $6.

On February 24 the Galapagos Governing Council set a new entrance fee to the Galapagos Islands. The new entrance fee to the Islands in August will be as follows:

  • Ecuadorian tourists over 12 years old and foreign residents will pay $30 USD.
  • Ecuadorian tourists under 12 years of age will pay $15 USD, children under 2 years of age will not pay this fee to enter the islands.
  • International tourists over 12 years of age will pay a $200 entrance fee to Galapagos.
  • International tourists under 12 years of age will pay $100, i.e. half, as an entrance fee to Galapagos.

Remember this new admission rate will be effective August 2024. Here you can find the complete resolution. If you want assistance in your trip do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you to customize your trip.

Requirements for Ecuadorians

For Ecuadorian citizens, entry to the Galapagos Islands is facilitated, they only need an identity card, transit control card TCT and the cost of entry to the park is much lower. budget friendlier than for a foreigner, it is important to bear in mind that, although Ecuadorians do not need to be able to see their own, visa to enter GalapagosThere may be certain specific regulations for tourism activities and visits to protected areas.

The best option to explore the enchanted islands is through a cruise, which you choose according to your taste and travel objectives, it is a popular and exciting way to enjoy this incredible archipelago, Galapagos cruises give you the opportunity to visit different islands, discover its unique fauna and flora, and experience the natural beauty of the place.

Requirements for EU and US citizens

Almost all travelers entering as tourists, including citizens of the European Union and the United States, do not require a visa.

The process to enter the Galapagos Islands from an Ecuadorian mainland airport involves certain security and migration steps that we will explain below.

At the counter of the Council of Government of the Galapagos Special Regime CGREG, you will receive the Transit Control Card TCT that you must keep during your stay in the Galapagos Islands.

You will pass through a security checkpoint where you will place your luggage on a conveyor belt for screening.

Galapagos travel requirements for foreigners

Traveling to the Galapagos Islands as a foreigner involves some requirements and costs. Keep in mind that this information may change, so it is important to verify it with updated sources such as this blog before planning your trip. Here is a general list of requirements and costs:

List of entry requirements

  1. Passport: Make sure you have a valid passport. This is a basic requirement to enter Ecuador.
  2. Visa: Most countries do not require a visa to enter Ecuador for tourism, but it is important to check if your country is exempt or if you need to apply for a visa beforehand.
  3. Migratory Control Card: Upon arrival in Ecuador, you will receive a Migration Control Card that you must complete and carry with you.
  4. Air ticket: Buy an air ticket to the Galapagos Islands. Flights usually depart from Mariscal Sucre International Airport in Quito or Jose Joaquin de Olmedo International Airport in Guayaquil.

Approximate costs:

  1. Plane Ticket: Prices may vary according to season and airline, but a flight from the mainland to the Galapagos Islands can cost between $400 and $600, or more, depending on the city of origin.
  2. Galapagos National Park Tariff: All visitors must pay a fee to enter the Galapagos National Park. The cost for foreigners varies and is around $100.
  3. Migratory Control Card: This card usually costs around $20 and is paid upon arrival in Galapagos.
  4. Galapagos airport entrance tax: Al llegar al aeropuerto de Baltra o San Cristóbal, deberás pagar un impuesto de ingreso de aproximadamente $20.

Can I visit Galapagos - Ecuador without a visa?

If you wish to visit the Enchanted Islands but are not sure if you need to go through the visa process, here is a list of countries whose citizens are NOT in need of to enter Ecuador

  • The United States
  • Canada
  • all of the counties part of the European Union
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Uruguay
  • Peru 
  • Paraguay
  • Bolivia

These countries have visa exemption agreements with Ecuador, which allow their citizens to enter and stay in the country for a specific period, usually 90 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I stay in Galapagos?

We recommend an average of 6-7 days based on a main island such as Santa Cruz Island or San Cristobal and then move between islands of the Galapagos archipelago.

How to go from Ecuador to Galapagos?

The only way to get to the Galapagos Islands is to fly from the Ecuadorian mainland, either from Quito or Guayaquil. The cost of airfare will depend on the season in which you wish to visit the Galapagos Islands, as well as the airline you choose to return.

What documents are needed to travel to Galapagos?

Personal identification: identity card or passport (valid). Air ticket, personal and non-transferable, round trip between the mainland and the province of Galapagos. Not to exceed 60 days corresponding to the category. Cancel the payment of the tax (TCT) $20.00. You can check these requirements at Migration Control TCT

Is the travel declaration form still required?

During your flight you will be given a CUSTOMS declaration form, which you must fill out and submit upon arrival at the airport in Galapagos.

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