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cosas que hacer en floreana ecuador tour crucero

Famous for its history and unique biodiversity, but what to do in Floreana Island ?, we tell you the best things to do and places to visit on this great island; It is said that it was visited by pirates and privateers in the past due to its strategic location, it is also said that some of the caves and rock formations on the island were used by these historical figures as hiding places and observation points.

Floreana Island is the place of legends, there are several stories and assumptions that have had an effect within this island for which it is well known, it has a series of legends and mysteries that have captured the imagination of visitors and scholars over the years, turning the island into a mysterious and attractive place.

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cosas que hacer en floreana ecuador tour crucero
Mapa de Isla Floreana – Foto de Responsible Travel

How many days is it advisable to stay on Floreana Island? 

The recommended number of days to stay on Floreana Island will depend on your interests, the time available and the travel itinerary. However, to enjoy a meaningful experience and not miss any details, it is best to stay at least 2 or 3 days on Floreana Island.

Due to these types of situations of schedules and activities, tourists, for the most part, choose to book a cruise and embark on their adventure exploring the Enchanted Islands, in the first instance because of the comfort that a cruise gives you, within it you have everything what you need and you should not spend long hours looking for where to stay or what to eat. We recommend some of our cruises that will allow you to get to know this, and many other islands.

cosas que hacer en floreana ecuador tour crucero


Type Yacht a motor de lujo
Construído 2018
Length 49 mt (161 ft)
With 10 mt (33 ft)
Capacity 20 passangers
Crew 11 tripulantes + 2 Guía Naturalista Bilingüe
speed 10 knots
Departures Tuesdays and Fridays
Activities Snorkel, Nado, Caminatas


Type Yacht a motor de primera clase
Length 142,16 ft (43 m)
With 27, 4 ft (8,36 m)
Capacity 20 passangers
Crew 15 crewmembers + 2 Bilingual naturalist guide
speed 12 knots
Departures Sunday
Activities Snorkel, nadar, caminar

cosas que hacer en floreana ecuador tour crucero
cosas que hacer en floreana ecuador tour crucero


Type Yacht a motor
Renewed 2016
Length 111 ft. (34 m)
With 26 ft. (8 m)
Capacity 16 passengers
Crew 10 crew members
speed 14 knots
Departures Martes y sábado
Activities Hikes, snorkeling, boat rides, and swimming


Type Yacht a motor
Renewed 2016
Length 137.8 ft. (42 m)
With 29.52 ft.(9 m)
Capacity 16 passengers
Crew 10 crew members + 1 multilingual naturalist guide
speed 12 knots
Departures Tuesdays, Sundays and Thursday
Activities Caminatas, snorkel, paseos en bote, kayak

cosas que hacer en floreana ecuador tour crucero

What can be found on Floreana Island?

En Isla Floreana se pueden encontrar una variedad de atracciones y experiencias únicas gracias a su rica biodiversidad y fascinante historia. Algunas de las cosas que puedes encontrar en esta maravillosa islas son playas únicas, ya que Isla Floreana cuenta con playas de arena verde y blanca donde podrás disfrutar de paisajes espectaculares, también cuenta con una vida marina y flora espectacular, es un excelente lugar para practicar diving and snorkel ya que alberga una interesante variedad de especies endémicas y nativas.

Below we recommend some places that you can visit on Floreana Island so that you can enjoy its natural wonders, without missing any details and that your adventure is complete:

cosas que hacer en floreana ecuador tour crucero
Iguana marina sobre rocas de Isla Floreana – Foto de Responsible Travel

Post Office Bay

In the early 1800s, whalers began leaving their mail in a barrel and taking letters from other sailors heading to their destination; The tradition continues today, and visitors can still leave and take letters; Post office is also associated with many of the island's intriguing stories and legends such as the mysterious disappearance of some of the early settlers and visitors, such as the Wittmers and Baroness Eloise Wehrborn.

In addition to history and mail exchange, Post Office Bay offers beautiful coastal scenery with beaches where sea lions can be found resting on nearby rocks and playing on the beach.

Loberia in Floreana Island

As its name indicates, it is a place where you can find a colony of sea lions resting and playing on the rocks and beach, it is undoubtedly an incredible experience to see these animals in their natural environment.

Among some of the activities that you can do in the Lobería are the observation of sea lions, photography and observation of marine life, you will be able to witness various seabirds and other species of fauna found in the area.

cosas que hacer en floreana ecuador tour crucero
Entrada a La Lobería – Foto de Responsible Travel
cosas que hacer en floreana ecuador tour crucero
Lobos marinos descansando sobre rocas en Isla Floreana – Foto de Responsible Travel

Punta Cormorant.

Punta Cormorant is another notable landmark on Floreana Island, it is located on the north coast of the island and is well known for its natural beauty and varied wildlife; Punta Cormorant has two main beaches, one with olive green sand and the other with white sand. These beaches are unusual and unique in the Galapagos due to their distinctive color, which is due to the presence of volcanic minerals and pulverized corals, while the white sand is composed of calcium carbonate.

cosas que hacer en floreana ecuador tour crucero
Turistas visitando Punta Cormorant – Foto de Responsible Travel

Devil's Crown

It is a famous dive site, it is not an island or land formation, but a submerged rock pinnacle emerging from the seabed. 

Devil's Crown is known for offering an exceptional diving experience. It is located in open water and is known for its strong currents, which attracts a wide variety of marine life and makes diving exciting and challenging for more experienced divers.

cosas que hacer en floreana ecuador tour crucero
Turistas difrutando del mar en la Corona del Diablo – Foto de Responsible Travel

Pirates Cave Galapagos

This cave is the result of past volcanic activity and is interesting to explore and learn about history of pirates and corsairs who visited these islands in past centuries; It is a historical and emblematic place, this cave is located on the north coast of the island.

Tourists can visit as part of organized excursions or guided tours, allowing them to explore the cave, learn about its history and enjoy the experience of being in a place with such a fascinating past.

Video de la Isla Floreana
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